Leven CE (VC) Primary School

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What is a School Improvement Plan?


A strategic plan of needs for development and improvement set in the context of the school’s aims and values.


What is meant by “strategic”


The plan is “future oriented” by describing the process by which the school moves towards its vision for the future.  It also anticipates the forces and trends that might affect the school in the future and uses this information to make current decisions.  However it is also rooted within both the principles and values of the school and a deep understanding of the present.


What are the purposes of School Development Planning


raise standards of pupil achievement

improve the quality of teaching and learning

demonstrate improvement

create the conditions under which change can be introduced

control the nature and pace of change

increase teacher confidence

improve the quality of staff development

promote teamwork and shared leadership

improve effectiveness and efficiency

turn vision into achievable but challenging objectives and measurable targets

strengthen the partnership between staff, parents, governors, LEA, outside agencies etc.

provide a sense of shared purpose and direction for the whole school  community 

School Improvement Plan